Our Mission

Researcher's mission is to connect scientists to the people, tools and information they need to make bigger and faster breakthroughs. It revolves around four key beliefs about science and research - it should be easy to discover, share, use and measure.

Our Story

Founded in 2017, we created Researcher to help academics stay afloat in a sea of literature. Keeping up to date with all new papers is a crucial part of any researcher's day to day life, but it's often difficult to find the time or energy. That's where we realised we could help.

The Team

  • Olly Cooper


  • Ramiz Nathani


  • Mary Sweny

    Head of Business Development

  • Hristina Kamburova

    Head of Marketing

  • Toby Stephens

    Head of Software Development

  • Mark O'Donoghue

    Board Advisor

  • Rob Shilston


  • Ashton Six

    Engineering Manager

  • Brian Leung

    Senior Finance Manager

  • Caroline Roden

    Product Marketing Executive

  • Chris Tan

    Software Engineer

  • Ioana Stoicescu

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Ilaria Bommarito

    Marketing Executive

  • Ivana Kamburova

    Visual Designer

  • Joe Fenton

    Marketing Executive

  • Jon Baker

    Android Engineer

  • Jonathan Cremers

    Senior Product Manager

  • Justin Moser

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Mike Chan

    Graduate Data Scientist

  • Priscilla Soedarpo

    Account Manager

Working at Researcher

Our team is passionate about helping scientists make their big breakthroughs faster. We're growing rapidly, so if you're interested in joining our small, dynamic team please get in touch.

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No specific vacancies at present. Please get in touch.