Author Tools (alpha)

Researcher is not only about simplifying content discovery, but also about simplifying the entire research process. Finding citations or the right journal for your work can be needlessly time-consuming. To help solve these problems, we’ve created tools specifically for authors, making use of the latest natural language processing technologies.

Try Paper Finder - Our Free Chrome Extension

Have you ever been reading a paper online and wanted to cite similar articles? Or perhaps you want to make a final check before you submit your paper? With our new extension, these publications are just one click away. Highlight the title, abstract, or keywords, open the extension, and you’ll immediately see a list of the most relevant and recently published content. What’s more, it also works on news articles, blogs, and even social media posts.

Try Journal Finder - Find the Right Home for Your Paper

Choosing a journal in which to publish your academic paper has never been more difficult. Whatever stage of writing you’re at, our Journal Finder can help you decide the best place for your research. Enter your title, abstract, keywords, or even the entire draft, and the Finder will suggest the most suitable journals. You can then refine the results according to your specific needs, with filters for impact, open access, publication costs, and many more.


This is a new product from the Researcher team so we’d love to get your feedback. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please do get in touch with us at