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Researcher is the new digital channel that helps you to create long-term engagement with highly targeted niche audiences in academia. With the ability to target over 1 million academics when they are in ‘read and discover mode’, we can help you build brand awareness, launch new journals, and elicit calls for papers. As a first step, discover your audience size on Researcher with our free audience finder tool.

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Elaine Lee
Head of Marketing
BMC part of Springer Nature
The team at Researcher have been a delight to work with – they listened to our business needs and discussed approaches to reach our shared audiences in a collaborative manner.
Sally Wynn-Jones
Head of Marketing
Nature Research
It has been a pleasure to work with Researcher on their pilot promotional campaigns. We are always looking for new and emerging digital channels to reach the research community and have found the app to be easy to navigate, intuitive and the team have kept us involved every step of the way. We look forward to working with them again in the future.

Gain traction for your journal

Build journal readership and usage, and launch new journals with our unique life-time follower model

Niche targeting

Target users based on their chosen subject areas, by granular keyword(s), geography, institution and seniority

Driven by AI

Leverage our machine learning and natural language processing to enable accurate targeting for your campaigns

Quality submissions

Drive submission flow in trending or growth topics from the most well read and engaged researchers


Get detailed analytics and benchmark against the competition

Professional support

Benefit from our dedicated team of specialists, who provide regular stats reporting and reviews to help adjust and optimise your campaigns

Our Research Areas

Target researchers from virtually every field of specialisation.

  • Arts and Humanities
    241,164 users

  • Business and Management
    224,592 users

  • Chemistry and Materials Science
    276,626 users

  • Earth Sciences and Geography
    220,345 users

  • Economics and Finance
    202,792 users

  • Engineering and Computer Science
    327,336 users

  • Life Sciences and Biology
    319,210 users

  • Medical and Health Sciences
    310,090 users

  • Physics and Mathematics
    247,727 users

  • Social Sciences and Psychology
    306,379 users

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